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Please see below a short description of the classes we have to offer.


Mini Classes

2-4 Years

Mini classes are a pre-primary introduction to the wonderful world of dance and movement. This is an exciting opportunity for toddlers and young children to begin to learn how to move to music, make lots of new friends and have opportunities to perform in displays and shows. Our dedicated dance instructor encourages fun, play and laughter to begin young performing enthusiasts on their magical journey. before formal grading.


Commercial Dance

5 years+


Commercial dance classes are full of energy and fun. They are a great way to build confidence and self esteem, as well as develop an understanding of musicality and moving to music. It is widely seen in music videos and involves lots of SASS! Our dance instructor differentiates classes to ensure all abilities are welcome and able to perform to their full potential. There will be a range of opportunities with this dance style including learning routines, performing in displays and events and featuring in our whole school production.


Baton Twirling

3 years+

Baton twirling is a unique and fantastically skilled sport that combines a variety of dance disciplines alongside the use of a baton. This helps students develop not only an understanding of different dance genres, improve hand eye co-ordination, learn the importance of hard work and determination needed to achieve goals and express themselves through a range of music styles and themes - it also provides them with opportunities to make lifelong friendships, set and achieve things that they never imagined they could and travel the country (for some, the world) competing in what they love.

We provide beginner classes through to advanced for all ages and are able to offer opportunities to perform in displays/showcases, enter grades and compete in local through to international competitions.


Acrobatic Arts

2 years+


These classes are run by certified teacher's of the Acrobatic Arts training programme. They aim to develop students from beginner preschool dancers through to advanced in the five divisions of Acro dance: flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering and tumbling. Classes will teach not only the technique and challenge students to achieve personal goals, but also help them to understand the progressions and reasons behind them to reach their ambitions safely. The programme itself has had input from various different dance, yoga and gymnastic professionals to create a comprehensive and exciting variation to traditional gymnastics. Grades are available to be taken at the teacher's discretion.

Musical theatre dance class

Musical Theatre

4 years+


Musical theatre combines the 3 performing arts disciplines of acting, singing and dancing. Our classes provide an introduction to the skills and techniques used to perform on stage as well as opportunities to experience the different responsibilities involved to create the full effects of a production, such as lighting and props. Classes are taught in a fun and supportive environment and we welcome everyone to come and have a go!


Lyrical/Contemporary Dance

5 years+


Lyrical/Contemporary dance is a style that combines various genres, such as ballet, jazz and acro. It is performed to music and encourages the dancer to use expression of emotions whilst learning to listen to the music carefully and use their movements to interpret the sounds. The choreography tends to tell a story and gives the dancer the opportunity to add their own style,


Ballet and Tap classes

2 years+


Both classical ballet and tap are taught at Avian from mini through to adult. They follow the IDTA syllabus as well as open classes focussing on technique, terminology, musicality, understanding of music and composition, choreography and performance. Ballet is highly regarded as the foundation of all dance and the perfect addition to any timetable.


Mini Movement

1 year+


Mini Movement classes are designed for pre-school children to introduce them to the concept of dance classes. They begin to teach children how to communicate with others, learn to experiment with sounds, share equipment, use their bodies and movements to make shapes, develop memory and singing voices with repetitive songs and actions, use their fine and gross motor skills, have lots and lots of fun with parents/guardians and of course, have a good boogie! The classes begin with 15 minutes of discovering and playing with sounds related toys and instruments, or having some calm time colouring in and drawing dance shapes. They then move onto a small structured dance class with familiar songs and actions, including movements such as skipping, jumping, galloping, crouching, stretching and clapping to music. Finally, we end the session with an activity (such as a parachute) to practise listening to and following instructions.


Street Dance

5 years+


Street dance is a combination of hip-hop, break dancing, popping and isolations, along with creative choreography and free flowing moves. It is an exciting and upbeat dance genre which is widely known and becoming more and more popular! 

We are super lucky to be have an experienced street/commercial/freestyle dancer working with Avian, meaning we can offer not only a beginner street class but also a competition street class.

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